Injecting Domain Knowledge in Language Models for Task-oriented Dialogue Systems

This paper utilizes light-weight adapters that can be easily integrated with PLMs and serve as a repository for facts learned from different KBs and introduces Knowledge Probing using Response Selection (KPRS) – a probe designed specifically for TOD models.

Wino-X: Multilingual Winograd Schemas for Commonsense Reasoning and Coreference Resolution

We introduce the novel Wino-X benchmark to investigate whether translation models can perform coreference resolution that requires commonsense knowledge and whether multilingual language models are capable of commonsense reasoning across multiple languages. Our findings indicate that models are prone to biases and often fail to identify disambiguating information.

Detecting Word Sense Disambiguation Biases in Machine Translation for Model-Agnostic Adversarial Attacks

We introduce a method for the prediction of disambiguation errors based on statistical data properties, and develop a simple adversarial attack strategy that minimally perturbs sentences in order to elicit disambiguation errors to further probe the robustness of translation models.