1. Nematode

An extendable neural machine translation toolkit built around the Transformer model and implemented in TensorFlow. Supports multi-GPU training and gradient aggregation for large-scale experimentation. Transformer implementation now part of [Nematus](

2. Re-implementation: Noise Contrastive Estimation

PyTorch re-implementation of the [*Noise Contrastive Estimation*]( algorithm. Created as a practice exercise.

3. Re-implementation: Sentence Similarity Classifier

PyTorch re-implementation of Mueller's et al., [*Siamese Recurrent Architectures for Learning Sentence Similarity.*]( (AAAI, 2016). Created as a practice exercise.


Master thesis project. A fully unsupervised model developed for automated, language-agnostic simplification of natural language sentences via information density reduction. Implemented in TensorFlow. Inconclusive results, not actively maintained.